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Through Delta Capital Investments, we invest in public equities with a focus on under-followed, small companies. The company provides investors with exposure to the funds. The funds are unlisted European midmarket private equity funds with the aim of providing investors with significant long-term capital appreciation.

The funds' investment strategy is to invest in sectors that are growing or where consolidation is taking place. Within the core sector interests, the funds invest in both performing and under-performing businesses encountering rapid growth, or businesses undergoing significant operational or strategic change. Investing in a diverse range of portfolio companies, the funds objective is to work proactively with the portfolio companies management teams, togehter with older stakeholders, in order to create substanial shareholder value.


The funds look to acquire a controlling interest in companies with an enterprise value between €2.0 million and €10.0 million, although companies with a lower enterprise value are considerd where the Investment Adviser believes that anticipated returns justify the investment. The funds aim to deliver in excess of 25% gross internal rate of return(IRR) per annum on investments.

With confidence returning to the markets, record amounts of capital are being raised by private equity funds. As a consequence, with lots of capital chasing deals, there is increasing competition generally amongst private equity funds. At the same time, rising stock markets are pushing up multiples leading to unrealistic price expectations. This is viewed as a broadly positive backdrop for fund I now that it is in its investment realisation phase whilst for fund II, the fund's emphasis on proprietary deal flow gains increasing significance as a means to exercise some control over pricing.

For Investors

For the avoidance of doubt, the directors do not make investment decissions on behalf of the funds, nor do they have any role or involvement in selecting or implementing transactions by the funds.

New Asset Management

The Company provides resolving credit facilities to the funds. Each drawing under these facilities is generally for a term of six months at an interest rate of 6.5%. The loans are used by the funds to fund short-term cash requirements.

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